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Quantum Physicists, Spiritual Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs, and High Performance Experts, from Einstein to HH The Dalai Lama to Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, and Steve Jobs, inform us that consciousness... our thoughts (IQ) and our emotional intelligence (EQ)... determines whether we create or uncreate conflicts, or whether or not we access and actualize our highest quantum creativity in the field of pure potentiality (and experience true health, happiness, and abundance). 


My explorations into the field of consciousness, wellness, and energy psychology have revealed that the secret to finding fulfillment and freedom in our relationships and in our career is to keep aiming for the peak of 'the Mountain of Life' where we find unbroken love, inner joy, and deep peace. How do we 'get there'? For this, we need a trail map and the guidance for navigating our way to the top.

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During a time of great disconnect from myself and reality I pursued a lot of different therapy and worked with a lot of great people, but Colin's efficiency in getting me back to my core-happy-self was astounding.

- Chandra Crawford, Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist
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Book news: I am in the process of completing an edit of the second edition of TRANSFORMATIONAL LIVING. It will include many suggestions that I have received from readers, plus an expansion of my coaching tool The Zero Agreements. My Blog & Newsletter are temporarily put on hold. Please check my posts on Facebook.